Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Fine Art Photography of Jean Macaluso

Jean Macaluso

Artist Statement -

When I photograph, I want to evoke a sense of place, illuminated by light that reveals the shadows of existence that become our realities. I try to express a sense of loss from a forgotten past history that I feel still inhabits the buildings, structures or places by conjuring up images of spirituality, mysticism and otherworldliness. I want to evoke an emotional response from the viewer rather than a depiction of fact and strive for these unseen histories to provide a new atmosphere of thoughts and experiences.

Additionally, I want the viewer to look at my photographs as portraits of our ancestors. As such they serve as reminders that we have all walked in someone else's footsteps; that it is impossible to cut oneself off from the past.
With this idea in mind, I try to visually capture in something ordinary-the wonder, the magic and the extraordinary. I want the viewer to stop, to be intrigued, to look into the apparently familiar and discover seeing something for the first time as if it were a brand new experience. 
Most of my work today is produced using a digital work flow. Moving into the digital realm has made me a student again, learning how to get my feelings expressed into a photograph using a computer.  Visually, I prefer the effect of the black and white photograph because of the minimal distraction it provides, the emphasis on light, the simplicity of the images and the focus on line and form, but then again there is a lot of great color out there in this world, so you will see some photographs in color.

With these ideas in mind, I try not to make 'pretty' photographs because quite frankly anyone can do that, but to make a composition that goes deeper to make you think, ponder and question, to explore what we have lost, gained or didn't need. To connect with a photograph or any piece of artwork for that matter, it must resonate with experiences, events and emotions that are unique to you, the viewer, and I hope that my work can, in some small way, accomplish that.

Jean graduated from Dickinson College with a degree in Art and Art History.  She has a passion for photography with a special interest in the black and white process along with other seldom used historical methods to produce emotional interpretations of a particular subject.
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