Wednesday, April 24, 2013

May 2013 Featured Exhibit - "Gardens In The Square" by Roberta Iula

Roberta states - My theme for this show has evolved from years of observing, studying, designing and painting the landscape.  Gardens In the Square deals with the scale of the garden, portrays differing moods and seasons and contains varied flavors of location.
Some of the works are from my Urban Oasis Series.  Plant material/ a landscape/ a garden all play an important role in how we react or feel in an urban or rural site.  A well-planned green space contributes so much as to; mood, ambiance, the usage of the area, how we circulate through the space or how it feels to sit or walk during your visit.

These eighteen pieces of work characterize my own landscape designs, regions I have visited, and local hometown properties.  I love landscapes, and I love working with square canvas. My efforts from this endeavor have taken me back to 1982 and have formed the direction  of my next projects that I will generate.
sneek peek - actual artwork is larger

"Winter Garden; Orris House Inn"   This property pulls me in during any season and any kind of weather. This is a classic example of a well planned landscape--garden if you will- and it always speaks to me. I will continue my love affair with this property via more studies of this landscape.

sneek peek - actual artwork is larger
"FROM the Garden"   a garden even spreads atmosphere into the house! Having a vase full of freshly
cut flowers on your table - from the garden - I love it!! Makes your coffee taste better and your accessories MORE beautiful!!

See you at the gallery - Roberta Iula

Gardens In The Square will open on May 1st and continue through the end of May.  A public reception is planned for Friday May 3rd from 6 - 9pm.  Join us for light refreshments, live music by Jack Poole and a gallery full of fantastic original art.

Every painting is square in shape.  Sizes range from 6x6" to 36x36".

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