Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fantastic Photography by Regionally Known Artist Larry Rankin

Larry Rankin

Artist’s Statement

          A truly effective image is evocative for the viewer, just as the experience in the moment was for the photographer. As for many individuals, a sense of place and permanence is important to me. But we are all on a journey in this life, seeking and thirsting for what we do not understand, for spiritual meaning in our life and in our relationships with our families and friends, and with the Sacred. Celtic peoples spoke of “thin places”, where the veil separating us from the other side is briefly transparent. It is in those places, on that Holy Ground, those experiences in the natural world, which compel me to photograph. I hope that at least some of my images offer a glimpse through that veil for the viewer. No artist could wish for more.

 We are thrilled to have Larry Rankin at Brath and Hughes Fine Art.

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