Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Mix Of Artistic Disciplines at Brath and Hughes Fine Art

A Mix Of Artistic Disciplines

Hmm...could this really be a small town outside of the Pennsylvania State Capitol?  Believe it.

Yesterday evening...a rainy Wednesday in the middle of January, Brath and Hughes Fine Art was full of energy. Brownyn Jean Hughes is shown preparing a large painting for the upcoming February featured show titled "Bold Florals".  Strolling musician Betsy performed pieces from Charlie Daniels to Michael W. Smith.
We enjoy hosting events and bringing together the community.  Last night was completely unplanned. The Muse was on the move.

Betsy will be strolling through the gallery with her violin during our February First Friday Public Reception from 6pm to 9pm. We have 2 featured exhibits that are sure to bring a smile and a laugh.
Details will be posted in the next week.  Stay warm and stay tuned...

Brownyn and MB


  1. Great photo, Mary Beth! I see that Brownyn is back to her florals... looks good! Still need to stop by, but just too busy.. winter, lot of work. Hope to see you sometime before spring comes anyway. just do not know when. Place is looking great!

  2. Looking forward to the February First Friday. Fun, Food, Festivities and a "Fiddlin'-playin'muse." Fantastic!

  3. We miss you Tatiana and look forward to your visit. We are taking artwork for the "Bold Florals" show for February if you are interested.

    1. I may have a few, Mary Beth. Just need to look around. When do you need it?

    2. We have already taken in a few paintings. We are making the Saturday before our First Fridays as the official intake day for the upcoming show. This puts us on a memorable schedule. Therefore, intake for the Bold FLorals show is Saturday, January 28th from 11am to 2pm.

  4. I'll get in touch with you on Facebook about it, Mary Beth or will e-mail you. Hopefully we can work something out.