Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hand Made Contemporary Scarves by Mechanicsburg Resident Amber Kane

Amber Kane

We are so happy to announce that Amber Kane is a part of our team of extraordinary artists. Her hand made scarves are fresh and contemporary. Sure to make a statement! Amber plans to be at the upcoming First Friday on Feb. 3rd.  Meet Amber and learn how to wear the scarves straight from the source!

Philadelphia knows Amber's work!  They are made right here in Mechanicsburg!

As stated on Amber's Bio -

Amber Kane’s creative process starts in her head. She lets ideas simmer; working out potential kinks and allowing the projects develop in her mind. When she can no longer contain it, she then gets busy with the actual handcrafting of the piece. Kane has, even as a child, loved art, experimentation, and process. She learned the basics of knitting and embroidery from her grandmother. When she took her first weaving class, while attending Messiah College, studying Art Education, Amber found her childhood love of yarn rekindled to a roaring fire. After purchasing her own loom, Kane attempted to follow patterns in a book, but was unsatisfied. When she walked away from patterns and rules and began to play, she found her artistic voice. She is fearless, abandoning many of the traditional rules of weaving, finding joy in the movement of the warp strings as they wrap around the take-up beam. “I’ve always loved the process of creating, rules and patterns were holding me back. The freedom of just creating is liberating.” About her work, she says, “I’m never sure where it’s going. I try to listen to myself and to the materials and see what happens.” What happens is spectacular.

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