Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sculptures To Blow Your Mind by James Krabiel

James Krabiel

Looking For A Piece Of Art To WOW Your Guests?

Absolutely Stunning. Absolutely One Of A Kind.

 "James Krabiel was born in Louisiana in 1983, but spent most of his early life in Virginia Beach, VA where he spent his childhood to young adult years. After high school, he attended the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and graduated with a B.A. in Fine Art. He now resides in Carlisle, Pa, where he works in the art department at Dickinson College, and as a fabricator for Metal Expressions Ltd. He also works as the art director and curator for the Haverstick Gallery and Studios, and volunteered at the Carlisle Art Learning Center, where he served on the board of directors.
 Many of his sculptures are working assemblages of found art, combined with carved, welded or other constructed metal and natural materials. His combination of synthetic materials coalesced with natural ones counters the representation of energy in his paintings, thereby creating a thematic dichotomy. This approach parallels the paradoxical dichotomy of energy as both a fluxed and constant entity within our reality. This is best demonstrated by his kinetic and mobile sculptures, which celebrate energy through both simplistic hinges and pulleys as well as more complex, fully functional motors. Whether intricately detailed and carved out, or minimally designed and shaped, the dynamic and versatility displayed in the kinetic energy of his sculptures remind us that energy is not inert or finite, even within an object that at first glance, appears to be so. The form and shape of Krabiel's sculptures are mirrored by those in his paintings, further correlating the relationships between abstracted, spiritual and kinetic energies."
Written by,
M. E. Simpson (from Bio on website)

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